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We are the most exclusive private club & lounge in the capital district of Pennsylvania.  Our existence is purely by word of mouth and our location is kept secret.  This splash page on our private site is simply an overview for the general public. If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule a personalized tour, contact our host via the host icon below.

A Place to get Lost, If You can Find It

Once you walk through the front door, you’ll be mentally teleported into a realm of limitless possibilities.

The pressures and problems of the day immediately dissolve. Churchill’s Hideaway is comprised of three separate themed rooms. Each room has a unique ambience to suit your mood of the day. No need to book a flight to Key West, we have that vibe for you. No need to visit a castle in Transylvania, oddly enough, we have that too. Or if you are looking to simply kick back, read a book, and relax in an English Manor, we got you covered. And for those who traveled the world, you will appreciate how this speak-easy mystique can’t be described in words, it needs to be experienced.

The Library

You wanna “chill” - this is how you chill. Dimly lit Tiffany lamps, bookshelves lined with all the classical literature, some Chesterfield seating, accompanied with some soft Beethoven in the background. Pull out your favorite bourbon from your personalized locker and take it all in. Ten minutes later you’ll find yourself in a daze staring at the coffer ceiling with inlay Venetian art. The only thing missing is the English butler to top off your glass...ok, your tumbler.

The Havana Room

You’re in Central Pennsylvania, it’s November, the

skies are grey and the scenery is...well, it’s dull. Our Havana Room will instantaneously transport you to a warmer climate. You have 3 mood settings in this room. Day time in the sun with Jimmy Buffet playing in the background, or a sunset scene with a cuban flair, or moonlight over Miami. This is our game room; shuffleboard and chessboard... but no surfboard. A full kitchen awaits you with the best freshly ground coffee at your disposal...and of course, whiskey ice balls in the freezer.

The Castle

Every man’s home is his castle, right?  Interesting enough, this is the home of the Queens.  This inner sanctum is a favorite of the ladies - “let the wine flow”.  Too many secret gems and easter eggs hidden in this room to openly disclose.  This room can also be privately reserved for board meetings and serve as an off-site think tank sessions for business teams.  There’s no room within a 100 miles that will stimulate more creative thinking then our medieval lair. And yes, that knights of the round table converts to a card table too...just saying.

Locker Room

Each member has his/her very own personalized locker with their engraved name on it. Everything is fully secured in this facility for your safe keeping.  Combination locks, biometric finger print recognition and HD night vision surveillance cameras. Let’s just say, it’s all over the top. Fort Knox may have more gold, but they don’t have more security.


And yes, of course we have only the finest of cigars. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, this is a self-service, self-checkout humidor for your convenience.  It incorporates an ultra-sonic humification system second to none.  And here’s the best part, for those members not a fan of a stinky stogie, no worries. Our air purification system throughout the facility incorporates state-of-the-art technology when it comes to air filtration and ventilation. No odors, and no lingering smoke in the air.

Churchills-Hideaway-Solid Gray Gold_edited.png


Live today but think about tomorrow and always reflect on yesterday. This is how Churchill's Hideaway was conceived. A place for downtime, time alone, time to reflect, time to plan. A place for fellowship and telling stories.  It's an escape.  It's not home, it's not work, it's that "3rd place" in our lives - a place to kickback and recharge.

This can be your place.  Contact the Host to get an exclusive showing.

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